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Foreplay is essential to back-arching, mind-blowing orgasms and can be reckoned as one of the stepping stones revitalizing a satisfying sex life. If you often treat sex in a routine and familiar way, you would get aroused hardly and become desensitized.

Here we summarized some tricks to spice up foreplay and revitalize your sex life.
  • Nibble and lick the earlobes: Ears and earlobes are extremely sensitive parts for many people, you can easily get your partner aroused by gently nibbling and licking the earlobes;
  • Massage the scalp: The scalp has tons of nerve endings and definitely be on your top-priority list of sensitive areas;
  • Emphasize eye contact: A large majority of people can ignore eye contact and pay little attention to this seductive and charming part. If you keep frequently eye contact with your partner during sexual intercourse, that can add more extra intense sensations;
  • Lick the neck and shoulders: Back of the neck and shoulders are also very sensitive area and a slightly tickling on this area can create toe-curling, screaming sensations;
  • Touch creatively: According to a sexologist our hands have the same amount of nerve endings as our genitals and she suggests closing your eyes and taking your partner's hands and slowly guiding them to brush your face with their fingertips, down over your neck, your shoulders, your breasts, and to any other sensitive areas;
  • Massage the pubis (pubic bone): Gently massaging the pubic bone can unlock lots of erotic potentials. Start with lightly massaging the perineum - the area between the penis and butt hole for more intense pleasure;
  • Start with French kiss: The oral zone is one of the principal erogenous zones of the body. Therefore, the French kiss is one of the fabulous methods to ease your vagina dryness as it effectively induces sexual arousal;
  • Tease the nipples: For many beginners nipples are an uncharted area, you can enjoy countless pleasure by gently licking and flicking them;
  • Touch the clavicle: Touching this area feels damn good as the skin is thinner there and sensations there are stronger;
  • Explore the inner thigh: Inner thigh, as one of the most explosive nerves, transmits incredible intense sensations if stimulated with sufficient tricks. Gently touching this area with moist fingers can get your partner aroused and have incredible, screaming sensations;
  • Talk dirty: Talk dirty can be a sexual catalyst both before or during sexual intercourse;

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