5 Sex Positions with Gym Equipment

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A large majority of female exercise their bodies with gym equipment and nowadays the number is increasing vertically. Gym equipment can also be reckoned as sex toys and create extra sensations during sexual intercourse.

  • 1. The Wild Pony: Lie face down over a large exercise ball. Your partner standing behind you with his penis penetrates your lady part — if there's a height issue, he can bend his knees or lift your legs wheelbarrow-style to get himself where he needs to be.
  • 2. The Dive Bar: Hang on to a chin-up bar suspended in a doorframe and wrap your legs around his body. Rock back and forth against him while he holds your ass up. It's ideal for urgent quickies.
  • 3. The Treadmill Split: Hop up onto your treadmill, putting a leg over each arm railing so your pelvis is aloft in between. He slides into you while you're suspended thusly. He grabs onto your butt and pulls you in deep. Note: This works best when the treadmill is placed safely against a wall.
  • 4. Anti-Gravity Oral Ball: Lie back on a large yoga ball, putting your legs over his shoulders. Let the upper part of your body fall back and keep your arms on the ground for blissful weightless sensations of oral sex. Let him be in charge of your body.
  • 5. Yoga Strap Bondage: Restrain the hands and knees of your partner with yoga straps during sexual intercourse, and yoga straps also work perfectly for spanking her butt.

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