Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-ejaculate?

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"Can I get pregnant from pre-ejaculate" as one of sex-related faqs puzzles countless people and the short answer is yes. 

What is pre-ejaculate fluid?
Pre-ejaculate fluid is a transparent viscous fluid and is emitted from the Cowper's glands. These glands are tiny, and they are located at the base of the penis. Pre-ejaculate fluid starts to seep out during sexual arousal, so it comes out when he's erect. Sexual activity is not necessary to initiate the fluid, but it will continue during the sexual activity. (from Wikipedia)
Function: Pre-ejaculate neutralizes residual acidity in the urethra caused by urine, creating a more favorable environment for sperms to pass through. Furthermore, The vagina is normally acidic, so the release of pre-ejaculate may change the vaginal environment to promote sperm survival. Pre-ejaculate also acts as a lubricant during sexual activity and plays a role in semen coagulation. (from Wikipedia)

Does sperm exist in pre-ejaculate fluid?
According to studies in 2019, there were only five studies looking at the sperm content of pre-ejaculate fluid. In two of these studies, none of the participants had sperm in their pre-ejaculate. In the other three studies, between 16 and 41 percent of participants had sperm in their precum. In these studies, the amount of sperm was low and not all of the sperm may have been able to fertilize an egg, but there would still be a risk of pregnancy. The presence of sperm in pre-ejaculate has the chance to get you pregnant before the ejaculation, so the pull-out method or coitus interruptus is good-for-nothing and high-risk.

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