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A penis pump can be used to people with erectile dysfunction or a subaverage penis by building a bigger and harder penis to improve their confidence and have a harmonious sexual relationship. We summarize the top FAQs from tons of questions associated with penis pumps.

Can a penis pump help me if I have erectile dysfunction?
Of course, An ED pump, also known as vacuum therapy, is a safe, effective way to get an instant penis enlargement and can help people with a subaverage penis, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

How do penis pumps work?
Penis pumps have a large cylinder that fits your shaft to form an air-tight seal. Pumping removes air to create a seamless vacuum environment, which pulls extra blood inside your penis to make a thicker and long-lasting erection.

Will the effect of the penis pump be permanent?
The effect will only be temporary. It is possible that with enough regular use you may see a larger size or a longer erection during sex.

What powers the pump?
Penis pumps are either manually or battery operated and both types are effective.

What penis pump do you recommend?
That depends mainly on your budget and experience level. If you're a beginner, we recommend that you can start with a basic, cheap one. If you're familiar with penis pumps and have purchased one before, you can try some high-end ones with special features for tailored pleasure.

Can I get off when using a penis pump?
Penis pumps aren't engineered to masturbation. We recommend that you can use masturbation cups or prostate massagers for intense and screaming sensations

I don't have a size or erectile dysfunction. Can I still use a penis pump?
Absolutely! Some people enjoy the feeling of the rising pressure while using their penis pump. And it may make you harder or more sensitive than normal during sex.

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