Sex Guide - How to Have Multiple Orgasms?

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Even if women have regular, vigorous sexual intercourse for decades, a large majority of them barely have experienced multiple orgasms. As the saying goes, "If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles. " You should be familiar with physical erogenous zones before you succeed in acquiring multiple tailored pleasure. In today's blog, we briefly summarized some tactics associated with your sensitive areas for your reference.

For Clitoral Orgasms: Clitoris, one of the most sensitive erogenous zone, is the stepping stone of female masturbation and can vitalize your sexual sensations with explosive stimulation.

  • Have oral sex
  • Focus on U-spot
  • Skillful masturbation
  • Use vibrators or dildos

If you wanna more specific information about clitoral masturbation techniques, please click here for further information:

For G-spot Orgasms: The G-spot located on the front wall of the vagina is an elusive area, It feels like the surface of a golf ball or the skin of an orange. Take your time and get fully aroused as the G-spot would become more sensitive and protrude to be found. It's advisable for you to use a G-pot vibrator for effectively handsfree fun. If you want further information about the G-spot and G-spot vibrator, please click here:

For A-spot Orgasms: The A-spot, sometimes known as the anterior fornix, is located on the front wall of the vagina near the cervix. Unlike the clitoris, the A-spot doesn’t become super sensitive after orgasm, which makes it a great tool when you’re learning how to have multiple orgasms.
There are two effective ways to get A-spot orgasms:

  • Double penetration
  • Anal penetration

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