Top FAQs about Dildos

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As a beginner who has not used a dildo before, there are tons of questions you're concerned about. Let's dive into the blog together and see what we should know about dildos! 

Should I use condoms when I play with dildos?
That depends on how you’re playing with your dildo. If you’re playing with a sexual partner, the answer is yes. Sometimes condoms are a good idea if you want to make cleanup easier, too. If you want to have anal or vaginal penetration, you'd better use a condom.

Do dildos come in different sizes?
Absolutely! You can find dildos as small as five inches up to 12 inches and sometimes more. There also come in a variety of girths to help you find the perfect fit.

What kinds of lube should I use with my dildo?
It depends on the material which your dildo is made from. Water-based lubricants should be used with jelly, PVC, and silicone dildos. Glass, metal, and plastic dildos can use silicone lubricant. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions in case they recommend a specific type of lube.

Are dildos only for vaginal penetration?
Not at all! People of all genders can enjoy dildos for vaginal and anal penetration and even mock blowjobs. There are plenty of ways to play with a dildo.

How do I clean my dildos?
Dildos can be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and warm water or a sex toy cleaner.

I have a subaverage penis and want to get my partner off. Can dildos help?
Definitely! With hollow dildos and a strap-on, you can both get something out of it. Slide your penis into the dildo, using lube if necessary, and put on the harness. Now you’re ready to give your partner exactly what you both want.

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