are websites owned by Soloplay Co,.Ltd. We are an American based adult toy distributing B2C platform founded in 2017. We originally only distribute our products off-line and take ODM orders. Now the trending e-commerce are forcing us to evolve to an online business model. 

SOLOPLAY ® is our own registered brand worldwide. Our products are researched and developed domestically, and outsourced to manufacture in China. Currently SOLOPLAY Brand team has 2 offices and over 60 employees in USA and China.

Our products cover a variety range of vibrators, dildos, penis pumps, massagers, etc. for all genders and for all sexual orientations.

Safety and comfortness and the next level of self pleasure brought by our products are our ever-pursuing goals. We’ve selected the best of the best manufacturers in China to ensure the safety and quality of our products. The core parts of most of our products-motors are designed and processed to be extremely durable.

Rather than distributing hundreds of thousands of SKUs to make our customers head spin, we only choose the ELITE products with most pragmatic and popular functionality. Furthermore, our website is designed to be minimalist style to give our customers the most time-saving solution to find the right products.

We take our customers privacy very seriously. All of our packages are discreetly handled as well as the payment bills to avoid any awkward leak or privacy issues.

We have a 1 Year Quality Warranty and 30 Days Money Back Warranty and a 24*7 dedicated CS team for any after sales problems you might encounter. Given the particularity of products, our after sales solution is mostly handled with replacement or refund other than any repair. 

You can feel free to contact us any time if any issue arose. Please write to: for any after sales problems. is now on a fast track of growing relying on our customers who likes and loyal to our brand and products. We appreciate your trust and faith in SOLOPLAY brand. 

Enjoy shopping and having fun playing!