FAQ - Why Can't My Sex Toys Give Me Orgams? - For Women

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There are numerous erogenous zones in the female body and what you've explored is only the tip of an iceberg. It's crucial for you to figure out which sensation you prefer most before you choose a suitable sex toy. If you tend to clitoral stimulation, then a vibrator with a big shaft and powerful stimulation would satisfy your sexual desire, If you prefer vaginal penetration than other sensitive areas, a G-spot vibrator with curved shaft would be suitable. Women who prefer anal play could take anal toys such as butt plugs, butt beads into consideration. Here are something you should prepare before masturbation.

  • Make sure you won't be disturbed during masturbation;
  • Take a cozy shower to get rid of your body fatigue and mental anxiety;
  • Watch porn or read erotica to turn yourself on before masturbation;
  • Be patient and focus more on pleasure;
  • Use lubes for more comfortable and enjoyable sensations;

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