How to Be A Satisfying Dominator During Sex

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There is an enlightening Chinese proverb which says "The moon waxes only to wane, and water surges only to overflow", which points out that things turn into their opposites when they reach their extremes. The importance of being a good sexual dominator is the same as controlling your emotions. Though a large majority of people believe that their sexual appetite is ingrained from birth, it's still advisable for you to learn how to dominate your man skillfully to build a more intimate relationship.

  • Be more thoughtful & start with less intense or extreme activities: You can start with some enjoyable foreplays that would get him or her aroused to keep your partner sexually obsessed with you. Here are the extra tips for you:
    • Talk to your partner
    • More eye contact during coitus
    • Try something new for various sensations
    • Switch your role
  • Let your partner feel mentally and physically comfortable: our bodies do a lot of talking while we emphasize the “words” portion more than the more subtle cues of body language. So keeping an eye on how your partner reacts when you play the role of "the dominant sadist" and start to "eat the delicacy". speed up or slow down your movement to get her or him off and make sure your partner enjoy it.
  • Give your partner instructional command: Set the scene and let your partner complying with specific commands. Here are some examples for your reference:
    • You mustn't get to cun until I say so, understand?
    • You're not allowed to orgasm until I cum at least twice.
    • Beg me for thrusting in your dirty hole deeply.
Once you get sexually aroused with your partner, you can get a little crazy and fulfill your kinky sexual desires.

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