How to Do Dirty Talk - The Basic Guide for Beginners

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Men are from Mars, while women are from Venus.
When it comes to getting aroused, men are regarded as a light switch to turn on or off with one simple press. However, women are not so easy to get turned on within several minutes. That's partial because women are often aroused through the imagination and guys rely more on visual impact.

Most people feel completely tough or embarrassed about dirty talk, furthermore, how to talk dirty is increasingly becoming a nagging question lingering around people's mind because they've nerve learned any basic rules or guidelines. They're afraid of being lame or stupid to say it wrong and lead to opposite effects.
Just like sex itself, dirty talk is something that needs to be calibrated to whoever is receiving it. Maybe What you reckon as sexy or seductive is something your partner might feel offensive or silly, and vice versa.
We should lay some ground rules. Before we dive into the guidelines, there is something you need to know first.
It's crucial for you to tell your partner what you want before sex and what you like during sex.
What you say should be associated with what you truly desire at the moment.
When is the right moment to talk dirty?
you might have a sexual partner with a relatively high sex drive, but she only seems to get revved up when she or he “in the mood”, it's hard to guess the right moment. Now it's the right moment to talk dirty.
Basic guidelines:

  • Spice up "dirty talk" with details as many as possible: It's the details added in a dirty talk that make it so much of sexual arousal. For instance, there should be more "oh my god, I love your big hard penis to fuck me" or "I love how you scratch my back when I nibble your ears and fuck your juicy hole " and less "I love your butt" or "you look great".
  • Use multi-sensory descriptive words: The dirty talk from most people is based on their vision or touch, which will limit your imagination and lose more sexual pleasure. Remember to use all your senses. Here are some examples for your reference.
    • You sound so sexy when I’m nibbling your nipples;
    • I won't stop to fuck you until your sweet juicy pussy clenching around my cock;
    • I want you to cum so hard that I feel your cock pulsing inside of me;
  • Don't use too much profanity: You should first know the appetite of your partner and which words he or she may feel offensive and uncomfortable.
  • Start your dirty talk via text: You can practice dirty talk more efficiently via text and figure out which words or body parts your partner is preferred, rehearse it more often before real sex.

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