How to Reignite The Passion of Marriage and Rediscover Sexual Desires

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According to a certified sex therapist and licensed couple's counselor who helped thousands of couples recover sexual passion, She mentioned that one-third of married couples are sexless within two years of marriage. That's indeed horrible news. Relationships naturally have ups and downs, especially for a conjugal relationship. People can sometimes feel alienated, resentful and angry with the person they are married to and there are numerous motivations and conflicts that contributes to the break down of sexual intimacy.  Let's dive into the topic and learn something to reignite the fiery passion and desire that's lost in marriages.

Common issues affecting couples in their sex lives

  • 1. Sex has become boring and routine, the same as becoming fragile and vulnerable.
  • 2. "Pulling away"vicious circle: If one of them feels suffocating to maintain their intimate relationship and want to pull away from it in pursuit of other things, the pulling away makes the other anxious and critical and pull them away further, which ends as a vicious circle.
  • 3. Birth control
  • 4. No private time: many couples prioritize the children over their marriage and focus less on sex and conjugal relation
  • 5. declining libido: The factors caused low libido are complex. For instance, females are more inclined to emotional closeness, while males are preferred physical closeness. Some folks have minimal initial sexual drive, while others just don't experience sexual pleasure during intercourse. 
Solutions for healing a marriage and reignite their fiery passion and desire
  • 1. Try something new: Try different sex positions or use sex toys to add extra fun during sexual intercourse.
  • 2. Communicate more frequently.
  • 3.Set up a schedule for "hanging out together".
  • a self-analysis and share with each other.
  • 5. mutually involved in maintaining their relationship and resolve the conflict to get through it.
  • 6. Schedule regular sex time.

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