Solutions For Premature Ejaculation

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There are many men frustrated with premature ejaculation, so we summarize some useful solutions for your reference. We highly recommend a combination of these methods for maximum effect to revitalize your sex life numb sensations.

  • Wear a condom: Condom, in a sense, decreases penile sensitivity during sexual intercourse. Therefore, It's beneficial for men with premature ejaculation to prolong their erection and have long-lasting coitus.
  • Masturbation: Masturbation is a fabulous way to simulate the real intercourse and you can prolong the time of coitus through practicing several times. Here are some tips for you.
    • Use realistic vagina pussy;
    • Use masturbation cups;
    • Use penis pumps;
    • Use cock rings;
  • Edging: There are two oldest treatment for premature ejaculation including the “stop and start” method and the “squeeze” method. Both of them are known as modern sexual technique - edging.
    • The “stop and start” method: This method involves sexually stimulating the man until he’s close to ejaculation, stopping the stimulation and then restarting after 30 seconds. This can be repeated until you’re ready to ejaculate.
    • The “squeeze” method is very similar and involves sexual stimulation until you’re about to ejaculate. At that point, you or your partner gently squeeze the end of the penis for a few seconds. Then resume the sexual stimulation until you’re ready to orgasm.
  • Psychotherapy & Counseling: People with premature ejaculation always have the amount of mental stress, cognitive disorder, lower self-esteem. It's advisable to counseling a psychologist for tailored treatment.
  • Sufficient Exercise and Yoga: Sufficient exercise can improve overall health and alleviate your mental stress.
  • Hormone Therapy: Some data seems to suggest that testosterone levels play a role in the control of ejaculatory reflex, which means it may be worthwhile to have your doctor test your testosterone levels. Talk to your doctor about whether hormone therapy is right for you.

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