The Most Bizarre Sex Slang You Need to Know

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Jonathon Green, the author of Green's Dictionary of Slang and perhaps the foremost lexicographer of slang in the world. If you can date back to the 16th century and the 17th century, you'll notice that the penis is always compared to something powerful and positive such as a knife, a dagger or a gun. On the contrary, the female vagina is described as a fighting and dreadful hole. Because 99 percent of sex slangs are written from the male perspective. In this blog, we summarized some bizarre sayings and words from Green's Dictionary and explore together the exquisite world of slang.

  • A bit of summer cabbage: It means to have sex. "Cabbage" itself is used in slang to mean the vagina, as has the "cauliflower," the "mushroom," and the "artichoke." There's also "take a turn among the cabbages" to mean have sex. Let's put this one down to a late Victorian slang joke.
  • Box the Jesuit: It's a navy term for masturbation. This is traditional anti-religiosity to do with the Jesuits, who were not well thought of in England—particularly in the 18th century when this was coined.
  • Clatterdevengeance: This word coming from the mid-17th century means the penis and there 's a story that goes with it - a soldier goes into a bar and claims he's going to rape all the barmaids. The barmaids, however, have their own big knife; they advance on him with it, pull out his clatterdevengeance, threaten to cut it off, and he faints. So it's a triumph for womankind!
  • Engage in three to one and bound to lose: This is a late 18th-century term and it means to have sex. The "three" represents the penis and the two testicles, the "one" is the vagina, and the "loss" is of semen when you ejaculate.
  • Flock of geese flying out of one's backside: This is a fine Australian phrase that is an attempt to represent orgasm. One must consider this sensation to be a positive term!
  • Irish toothache: This is one of those pretty rare slang terms which comes from the woman's point of view. The "Irish toothache " represents the penis erection.
  • Knight of the golden grummet: It refers to a homosexual person, especially one who takes the passive role in anal sex. "Gold," in terms of slang, means excrement and a grummet is British navy jargon for a rope ring.. In the 16th and 17th century, when people went around to empty cesspits and collected what was called nightsoil, they were either called Tom Turdman—which is pretty obvious—or a goldfinder. So the golden grummet is, to be coarse, the arsehole.
  • Like a herd of turtles: It's used for a woman who has sex enthusiastically. This slang is from the late 1940s: "You ought to take her out to the toolies [tool shed], she'll go like a herd of turtles!"
  • Rufus: "Rufus" in Latin means red. The word in slang is used of the female genitals, so this refers to the genitals and pubic hair of a redheaded woman.
  • Swinging the dolphin: it represents for masturbation.
  • Tippet de witchet : This slang represents for vagina.
  • UTBNB - "Up the bum, no babies!" This is defined as anal intercourse as a means of contraception.
  • Off at Hill Gate: This slang is used to represent for coitus interuptus and there are lots of other slang words which refer to the same meaning, including "off at Edge Hill," "off at Gateshead," "off at Green Island," and so on.
  • Watergate - This slang represents for a vagina which has become moist with sexual excitement.
  • Yo-yo: Yo-yo is another pun for penis, usually a subordinary penis.
  • Zum-Zum: Zum-Zum is from the Caribbean, the West Indies. It means the vagina. It might be a variation on the better-known "pum pum," which comes from the Creole African language for "pumbe," which means the female vulva.

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