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If you've been familiar with the basic rules and techniques listed in our last blog (please click here for the last blog:, now it's time to dive into the pragmatic realm of sexting and acquire some real tricks. Here we summarized many useful examples varying from beginner level and advanced level for your reference.

Beginner Level:
– “You know what my favorite part of your body is?” Tease and follow up once they reply. 
– “Hmm... I don’t think I licked enough places on your body last night…”
– “I’ve been thinking I’d like to have you for dessert tonight…”
– “I’m getting nothing done at work today. Can’t stop thinking about your sexy figure…”
– “Can I start undressing you on the couch next time?”
– “Mmm… you sound so beautiful when you cum. I can’t stop thinking about your sexy little voice.”
– “I’m really craving you right now…”
– “I love it when you dominate me”
– “I love it when you let me take control”
– “Mmm… I want it even harder next time”
– “Baby, you make me so hard/wet”
– “Wish you were undressing me right now”
Advanced Level:
– “I wish I could taste your cum. right. now.”
– “Where would you like to fuck me next?”
– “I want to pounce your sexy little ass so bad”
– “I want to drain every drop of cum out of you tonight”
– “You know my pussy/cock is all yours, right love?”
– “I love the feeling of you filling up my throat”
– “Tell me how much you love my pussy/cock”
– “Still deciding what part of you I’m going to fuck first tonight…”
– “I want you to own me, baby”
– “I’m going to make you cum so hard you pass out”
– “I can’t wait this long, I have to get off… Wanna see?” *Sexy photo followup*
– “Here’s a glimpse inside my mind today..” *porn GIF*

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