Top 5 Sex Toys for Solo Play - For Women

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Are you ready for toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasms? Our top 5 best-selling female sex toys are waited to please you at any time. These items are specially engineered to the female erogenous zones to satisfy all sexual desire and live out any of your sexual fantasies.

1. Dew Series: This vibrator with a wide shaft is specially designed for clitoral stimulation. It's ideal for full vulva or U-spot stimulation. Now it's upgraded with the latest auto-heating function which gives you a more blissful pleasure. (click here to buy:

2.Rabbit Vibrator for clitoral & penetrative sensations: A rabbit vibrator is a fabulous choice for both clitoral and penetrative pleasure as it has an extra clitoral attachment for tailored fun!

This high-end rabbit vibrator has auto-heating function and 12 levels of intensity modes ranging from escalation to asynchronous vibration, that is to say, You can not only enjoy both clitoral and G-spot sensations but also simultaneously send the visual sexual signal to your partner and turn him or her on. No matter you take a business trip or have honeymoon travel with your partner, this vibrator is a marvelous choice to fulfill your imaginary, visual and emotional expectation. (click here to buy:

3. Vibrator for G-spotIt's ideal for you to choose a G-spot vibrator. Its curved shaft can easily stimulate your erogenous zones such as the G-spot or A-spot.

This waterproof vibrator adds an extra auto-heating function besides 12 adjustable frequencies (escalation, pulsation, asynchronous vibration). Its bulbous head is specifically designed for G-spot stimulation and streamline body can be easily inserted into your vaginal without causing any unnecessary physical injuries. What's more, the acoustic noise of this product is decreased to an ultra-low level, that is to say, you can enjoy a blissful orgasmic pleasure in a discreet way and have a secret date with this silent lover. (click here to buy:

4. Vibrator for anal & penetrative sensations: If you're obsessed with penetration and anal play, these vibrators we recommended below can be great choices.

If you're a climax-craving seeker and would like to have extraordinary foreplays with your partner or purely for solo play, why not choose this highly-recommended vibrator for a sexual journey? Its one-key thrusting button allows you to boost the highest frequency with one press and there are also 12 optional frequencies from gentle tease to powerful stimulation for different sexual demands. Meanwhile, Its 360 degrees rotary and bendable head can amuse any parts of your body from nipples to the vagina to alleviate body fatigue and let you enjoy blissful clitoral and vulva orgasm. (click here to buy:

5. Vibrating eggs: It's discreet enough to be taken anywhere and powerful enough to satisfy you with back-arching, mind-blowing orgasms.

Featuring an ergonomic body with petite size, this vibrating eggs can be a great sexual partner to release your mental or physical stress. It can stimulate your clitoris with 12 powerful frequencies for blissful orgasmic sensations. (click here to buy:

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