Top FAQs about Vibrators

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Here we summarized the top FAQs from tons of questions associated with vibrators.

How do vibrators work?
Most vibrators use an internal motor to generate movement. The motor twirls an off-center weight around, inside the vibrator. The force of the spinning weight causes vibration. When the vibrator touches sensitive areas or genitals, the vibration creates pleasurable sensations that can lead to more intense orgasms.

When should I use a vibrator?
Many women and men use vibrators for masturbation as well as during foreplay with a partner. Use one whenever the mood strikes. Couples play is a great time to explore each other’s bodies with a vibrator. Vibrators add a new dimension to sexual play.

How to pick a vibrator?
Vibrators come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. If you prefer penetrative sensations, look for a phallic shape. For those who want mostly clitoral stimulation, try a vibrator with a wide head. Other types of vibrators are designed for G-spot or anal play.

Should I use lube with my vibrator?
Absolutely, lubricants can make vibrator use easier and more pleasurable. Always test the lube first on a small patch of skin in a sensitive area (inside of the elbow or inner thigh) before you use it. This way you can safely find out if you have any adverse reaction to the ingredients.

What if I have discomfort when using my vibrator?

  • Never use a vibrator when you have an infection, irritation, itching, sores, abrasions or injury of any kind.
  • Never use your vibrator for more than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Do not use your vibrator if there is any fluid leaking from the battery.
  • Check with your doctor if you are pregnant, or have any serious heart or health condition.

If you experience any kind of discomfort, check with your doctor before you continue to use your vibrator.

Should I put a condom over my vibrator?
For solo play, a condom is not very necessary unless you really want to make cleaning easier. If you share your vibrator with your partner put a condom over it or if you insert the vibrator both vaginally and anally, In either case, use a condom on the vibrator to avoid infection.

Can I share my vibrator with my partner?
In most cases, you can share your sex toys with a partner. It’s important to put a condom on it and clean your vibrator after using.

I tried a vibrator and didn't get off. Does that mean vibrators don't work on me?
Not every sex toy is right for every single person. Sometimes you have to try different vibrators to find what feels right to you. If a vibrator doesn’t turn you on or get you off, consider the design, where you used it on your body (external or internal), or the power of the vibrations. You may need a different type of vibrator. 

My partner never climaxes when we have sex. Should I buy a vibrator?
There are a lot of reasons why someone might not get orgasms during sex. You can try a G-spot vibrator or one specially designed for anal play for your partner.

My partner and I are in a long-distance relationship. Can vibrators help our relationship?
A vibrator can be a great substitute to satisfy you with fulfilling orgasms if your partner isn't available. Both of you should feel free to use a sex toy to help you get off during masturbation. Some vibrators can be controlled by mobile app even though you’re not together. There are also virtual reality vibrators that can simulate the feeling of penetration, handjobs, or blowjobs that you can use to play even when you’re apart.

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