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The negative effect of unconscious masturbation: For a large majority of people, masturbation is to watch highly arousing porn, get hard, jerk off for several minutes and ejaculate, so they only tend to make it quickly instead of connecting their body and acquiring more intense sensations. This unconscious masturbation makes your body and arousal arch numb, which consistently send the message to your brain and genitals that should always be prepared and able to cum quickly.

What Can You Heal Through Conscious Masturbation?

  • Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction often comes as a result of numbness. Psychological performance anxiety should also be responsible for erectile dysfunction. By repeating yourself with a conscious masturbation practice, you'll revitalize the overall sexual awareness associated with your genitals and brains to maintain a long-lasting erection.
  • Obsessed with Porn: Abusively heavy porn use leads to a decreased response in reward center activation in your brain when faced with your sexual partner. It will be harder for you to get aroused if you've been exposed to overly intense stimulation for a long time. You should replace your porn addiction with regular sexual intercourse or conscious masturbation.
  • Premature Ejaculation: Unconscious masturbation is meant to ejaculate as quickly as possible to release stress, it'll be tough to maintain a long-lasting erection if the habit of conscious masturbation is formed. By engaging in conscious masturbation, you will rediscover the subtle cues that your body gives you and maintain a long-time erection when you approach your ejaculatory point.
  • Performance Anxiety: conscious masturbation can let you focus more on your feeling or your partner's body. You're not preparing for a show, it's just fun and sex.

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